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13th August 2023

13th August 2023

By Justin Dyche in Sunday Service on 19 August 2023

Hello everyone,

I hope you have enjoyed the glimpse of summer we have had over the last couple of days! As we complain about the rain and rejoice in the sun we should remember all those who are suffering the terrible effects of forest fires. We should not only pray for them in their present suffering, but also reflect on what we can do, in action, by campaigning and through prayer, to combat climate change. We may think this is too much for us, but it is not too much for God.

Steve Scholes has asked if we can pray for Sue.
“Sue is suffering unbearable pain, especially in her back and side because of her fibromyalgia. I have to help her out of chairs and have taken over some of the things she normally does. At least God answered my prayer that she would sleep better last night [Wednesday]. The ‘gold standard’ tablets for fibromyalgia Sue’s been prescribed are “potentially harmful for the kidneys” according to the internet so she’s not taking them because we’re both afraid of further damage to her kidneys and the need for dialysis. The paracetamol and tramadol tablets do nothing for her.” Steve concluded his message saying “please can we ask (beg?) God for mercy and pain relief for Sue.”

In September we hope that homegroups will be able to start again, meeting both during the day and in the evening. In order for this to happen we need people who are:
a) willing to host a group in their home
b) willing to lead a group (these could be the same as hosts but don’t have to be). You don’t need to be qualified in any way to do this, if you would like to discuss what is involved please do speak with me.
c) willing to attend the groups!
At Fellowship Groups last week I encouraged everyone to think and pray about the first two of these, and I now extend that invitation to everyone – could you help the church in one of these ways? If so, or you would like to talk about it, do let me know. If you would like to attend a group you can either let me know by emailing me (, or sign up from next Sunday (20th August).

The annual Sponsored Ride & Stride event to raise money for our church and the Northamptonshire Historic Churches Trust takes place on Saturday 9th September. We need people who would like to take part, cycling or walking, as well as to be in the church to welcome riders and striders from other churches. Please speak to James Ireland if you would like to be involved. And don’t forget, not only does half the sponsor money come to St Columba’s but by taking part we make ourselves eligible for a grant from the Trust.

10.30am at St Columba’s – MORNING WORSHIP led by William with sermon from Linda and Activity Sheets for children. I am sorry that there won’t be a livestream of this service as the new broadband connection has still not been installed and the old system relies on my phone which I will have with me in Southampton!
3pm at St Leonard’s, Rockingham – FAMILY SERVICE led by David.
6pm at St Columba’s – PRAYER MEETING

The last in the present series on Amos is taking place on Wednesday at 10.30am and 7.30pm.

10.30am at St Columba’s – ALL AGE WORSHIP
6pm at St Columba’s – PRAYER MEETING

There is a new Prayer Letter from H&M at the back of church. Please do read this as it is not possible to distribute copies by email.
Here is the latest bulletin from HOPE FROM ABOVE.

An apology to anyone who has been using their OPEN DOORS Women’s World Cup Wall Chart to follow the football. There was a mix up in the Last 16 match numbers. England v Nigeria should have been Match 5 leading to a Quarter Final on Saturday against Colombia. What is interesting is that England’s last three matches have all been against countries highlighted for prayer: China, Nigeria and Colombia. So perhaps it is best to stick to praying – it’s much more simple!

I will be away over the weekend but please do email and I will respond when I am back in Corby next week.

God bless you,


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