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16th January 2022

16th January 2022

By Kevin Montgomery in Sunday Service on 16 January 2022

Hello Everyone,

I hope you have all had a good week. There is a lot in this week’s email so please do have a good read and make a note of anything that applies especially to you.


Sheila has asked for prayer for her daughter Maria who has just had a letter changing an appointment she’s waited months for, from Feb 1st to June 20th. This is for her shoulder which she can barely move and is in a lot of pain. She can’t do the physio for it as it sets off the neck/nerve condition. Please pray that when she rings the secretary on Monday, she can get it brought back again. Thank you.


Tomorrow we have two almost identical Holy Communion services in church, at 10.30am and 5pm.  You are welcome to either or indeed both. For those who can’t make it to church there is a youtube version of the service available. A PDF version is available here.


One difference between the services is that there will be ENERGIZE groups for children and young people during the 10.30 service but not at 5pm. Please pray for the ENERGIZE groups and their leaders as tomorrow will be the first time since March 2020 they will have had three age based groups meeting. It is great that so many children and young people have been along to church over recent weeks, but if you know anyone else who may be interested in joining them tomorrow would be a good day to start.

HOPE INTO ACTION PRAYER MEETINGThis will follow the 5pm service, so should start at about 6pm. Do come along if you are able to join us in prayer for our HIA house and the many other needs at this time.

ROCK MEN’S GROUP – 19th January 7:30pm

Our first men’s meeting of 2022 is coming up this week, so do join us in the church this Wednesday at 7:30pm for a great evening together, we’ll be looking at God as Father and how we can live knowing who we are as men in the light of that relationship with our Father God, we’ll be  worshipping and praying together and also talking about the next few month’s of the men’s ministry, including our first men’s breakfast and other social activities as well. If you’re able to make it let Kevin know, so he can bring enough biscuits/cake – but even if you haven’t let us know do feel free to come along if you’re available on the day.


This is happening at 3.30pm (sorry last week’s email said 3pm) on Sunday 30th January (Saturday’s performance is sold out!). Tickets cost £8 for adults, £4 for children or £20 for a family ticket (2 children). Tickets will be available after both services in church tomorrow or by contacting me either by reply to this email or by phone (see numbers below). 


The latest Prayer Bulletin from Hope from Above in Australia is here.


For those who are booked to go to Minehead from Monday 18th April – Friday 22nd April, this is a reminder that any outstanding payments need to be given to Miriam by Sunday 30th January please. Any problems with this or any other questions, please speak to Miriam. Also if there is anyone who is not booked in who would now like to join us please do speak to Miriam (we can’t guarantee accommodation but will try and fit you in).


Steve has once again produced some interesting puzzles and informative articles, including a look at the Katherine of Aragon Festival at Peterborough Cathedral. You can grab that here.

May God be with you all in this coming week,


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